Full Service Junk Removal

Whatever your junk removal needs are you can count on Wetakeitaway.com of Orlando to save you time and money.


Wetakeitaway.com is a full-service local Orlando junk removal company. If you have junk we take it all away. Our service provides the community with a safe, affordable and reliable junk removal option. Don’t live with clutter any longer. Let us help you!

Don’t live with your mess contact Wetakeitaway.com for all your residential and commercial junk removal

  • Do you have a storage unit or garage full of junk?
  • Do you need to get rid of old furniture or appliances?
  • Do you need someone to clean up construction debris?
  • Do you need to empty a rental property?

We pride ourselves on being earth friendly. Our Green Team strives to make sure that all items are evaluated for recycling and disposed of in the safest way possible.

We bring 14 years of moving experience to Wetakeitaway.com, saving you from the back-breaking task of moving and disposing of your junk. Remember that if you choose to have an on-site dumpster that you have to fill it yourself. Wetakeitaway.com of Orlando does all the work for at an affordable price!


Don’t sweat it let Wetakeitaway.com take care of all your junk removal needs!
Book Your Appointment With Wetakeitaway.com Today Online Or Call 1-800-260-8184

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At Wetakeitaway.com our staff consists of friendly trusted professionals that are dedicated to providing the best customer experience making sure that each job is completed to the clients satisfaction. We believe that communication with our clients is what leads to a successful outcome of every junk removal job.

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You can count on Wetakeitaway.com. When you book with us we call to confirm the appointment the day before and also call you to let you know that we are on the way to take care of your junk removal needs. We strive to work around our busy customers’ schedules. You can book an appointment online or call us at 1-800-260-8184

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Wetakeitaway.com is committed to being environmentally responsible. We evaluate each job to ensure that every item is disposed of properly. The safety of our team and our customers is of the utmost importance. We try to recycle as much as possible. At Wetakeitaway.com we take protecting our community seriously.